Grid Iron Wars Complete Game with 1 Pro season


Grid Iron Wars Football Game has filled a void in my table gaming world as it does a wonderful job of reproducing football in a very easy to understand way. With defense playing a part in adjusting the other teams running, passing, pass receiving yards, as well as fumbles, sacks and interceptions make for very engaging games.

Each team sheet also acts as nice scouting reports where, at a glance, one can quickly determine the stars as well as the slugs on each team.

I highly recommend that anyone that tries out this game consider using the Fast Action Card System (FAC's). They are in color and basically replace the dice and charts and really streamline an already very smooth game.

With so many seasons from the past to choose from and the ease of just purchasing them through e-purchases, this game ranks very high in customer service and super quick turnaround time.

The other two Downey Games for Football that I play: Fast Action Football and Mean Gene's Match Up Football are also well conceived and rank very high on fun meter.
Date Added: 01/06/2012 by Bill Priester
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