Ultra Quick Football Game Parts


Of course some day you'll finish that season replay with your favorite play-by-play football game. But in the meantime there's Ultra Quick Football (UQF). The action isn't on the field (game results are obtained with three ratings and one roll of the dice), it's in the week-by-week changes in the standings. It's really pretty engrossing to watch as the season develops. I completed a 1960 replay, working now on 1961.

It's a great value--the decade NFL packs and the decade college packs (all major colleges included) sell for ten bucks. The college sets are huge--the 1960's pack is 138 pages. Included are the ratings, standings, schedule and actual results for all the games. The colleges also have strength of schedule ratings. I'm thinking of replaying the 1960 college football season, creating a week-by-poll (the actual preseason polls can be found online) and at the end of the season send out bowl game invitations. Should be a blast.
Date Added: 01/02/2012 by David Prill
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