Time Travel Baseball Base Game


Simply the most fun baseball game I own, and I own a bunch. While you can buy expansions to make this a replay game like Strat or APBA, the genius of this game is in its ability to draft teams rotisserie style. Having players from varying eras play together is fun, but since their is a salary cap, you have to be savvy in the way you put your team together. I also love how players are rated for more than just their numbers. Characteristics like leadership, daring, and toughness season the game. Each player brings value in different ways that you can see impact the game from time to time. I love the game, and the fact that it plays so much like baseball but does not bog down in the playing. I look forward to buying a few more expansions and enjoying it well into the future.
Date Added: 04/27/2015 by Brian Purvis
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