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Ultra Quick Wrestling 1973 Eastern Territory


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The year 1973 was a fascinating year for the Eastern Territory as they conducted several Inter-promotional cards with other territories, as well as importing several big names from other territories for one or two night cards. 1973 also saw the World Title change hands twice, which was a rare feat for the time period. To give you an idea of the rarity of the occasion, Bruno Sammartino who recaptured the belt in late 1973 held on to it for another 7 years!

With the 1973 Yearbook, Downey Games is introducing a new set of charts and a new rule or two to capture the essence of the time period. As I´m sure you are aware, wrestling was much different than today in the 70´s. Matches lasted much longer than today´s 10 minute affairs, and while professional wrestling has always included angles and story lines, they were toned down in comparison to the soap opera style of wrestling of the late 90´s to present day. Wrestling in the 1970´s focused primarily on the in-ring action. As previously mentioned, titles didn´t change hands very often, many matches ended in draws, double count outs, disqualification, or one or both of the wrestlers may have been too bloody to continue.

With the introduction of a new series of charts, I feel that I have truly captured the time period without sacrificing any of the playability of Ultra Quick Wrestling. Of course, if you prefer to “transport’ the wrestlers of 1973 to modern times, there is nothing stopping you from using the current basic or advanced charts. However, if you do want to replay a true 1970´s wrestling world, I think you´ll really enjoy the new charts.

The 1973 Eastern Territory Yearbook is our largest to date. You'll get 165 Male Wrestlers, 17 Female Wrestlers, 10 Midget Wrestlers and six managers.

  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • 10001 Units in Stock

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