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** This supplement requires the Ultra Quick Tennis game parts **

Re-live the excitement of the 2020 Women's Tour.

Now you can re-create all of the excitement of the 2020 Women's Tour on your tabletop!

You get 900 professionals rated for the 2020 season! With the 2020 Year book, you'll have every female player that earned at least 1 point towards the Championship. You also get a complete tour schedule listing court surfaces for each tournament.

With the 2020 Year Book, you can complete a replay of EVERY 2020 Women's Professional Tournament. If you choose, you can also play the intended schedule for the season. For this set, due to the unique circumstances of the season, we have included weighted historical surface ratings for the grass courts, as they were completely cancelled on the women's side and mostly cancelled on the men's circuit. If you play the 2020 season as it played out this will not be a factor, and you will get realistic results. If you play the schedule as it was intended, you will also get very plausible results. Given the nature of the unprecedented season, we wanted to let you, the gamer, have the best of both scenarios. No other tennis game comes remotely close to offering that kind of flexibility!

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