Downey's Final Score Soccer 2016-17 Universe

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Everything needed to play is included.  There are no additional game parts to buy!

As the name implies, this quick play game provides you with a final score for a soccer match. Allowing you to rapidly play matches and watch standings unfold before your eyes. However, there is more to the game than just generating scores. There is plenty of excitement and drama along the way, keeping the game play exciting and compelling. You will have late in the match goals, equalizers and fantastic saves.

Each team is rated individually for Offense, Defense, and Pressure situations at home and on visiting turf. This is not just a home adjustment. Each team is literally rated individually for home and away. This gives you a very accurate portrayal of the squad's true abilities. And while there will surely be some surprises along the way, since this is a game, the accuracy of the game will astound you.

And best of all, we give you plenty of leagues and teams at your disposal. We don't just rate a few popular leagues. Every Top-Level League in the world is rated. For popular countries, we have rated the second division. And for some countries, we have rated all the way to the 4th division. You will not run out of match-ups with Final Score Soccer.

Our 2016-17 Soccer Universe spans almost 250 pages!

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