Ultra Quick Wrestling- The Best of the Texas Territory

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The set spans the time period of the Promotions last days of affiliation with the NWA up until the eventual and official demise in 1991. This set offers a virtual who´s who of wrestling. “Outsider´s’ like Ric Flair, Harley Race, Dory Funk Jr. and Jerry Lawler would often join the already star-studded lineup for special programs.

In many ways, the territory was well ahead of their time in terms of presentation. Texas was “hardcore’ before the wrestling world had even heard of the now cliché term. The promotion was angle-driven and featured a wide variety of gimmick matches where blood would often times flow like a river. This was definitely in stark contrast to the rock ‘n wrestle movement.

Texas was also very adept at creating and rotating the “monster’ heel to place in the path of their baby faces. The territory had some of the most hated personas of the time period, like Skandor Akbar, Gary Hart and Killer Kahn.

Many great Tag-Teams also competed in the territory like the Rock and Roll Express, the Fabulous Freebirds, and The Dynamic Duo.

Overall, you´d be hard pressed to find a better promotion for tabletop gaming. Solid front-line Heels, wildly popular baby faces, great tag-teams and top managers are all included in our best of the Texas Territory. I truly don´t think you´ll find a more wide-open, gaming friendly set than the Best of Texas Wrestling. As I often say with Ultra Quick Wrestling, the only limit is your own imagination.

The Best of The Texas Territory is our most complete set to date. It features 132 wrestlers, 8 managers/valets, complete history of the World Title, Television Title, World Tag Titles, Wold Six-man Tag Titles, World Light-Heavyweight Title, Texas Heavyweight Title and the Texas Tag-Team Titles. And if that´s not enough, you also get a list of often used tag-teams in the promotion, as well as a list of clients for each manager/valet.

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