Fast Action Football Game Parts

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**The Printed Game Parts include a die-cut, full-color Fast Action Deck as well as instructions, score sheets, a playing field and markers**

**You will need to purchase a season to use the game parts**

Downey Games is proud to offer Phil Riviere's Fast Action Football.

The Downey Games Catalog has many football game offerings, and I'm very proud of them all. It takes a very unique concept and compelling game play for me to even think about adding a football game to the catalog. What Phil presented to me, truly blew me away.

Fast Action Football, as the name would suggest, uses a Fast Action Deck to resolve games. The game is a full-featured, play-by-play game. Don't mistake this for a quick play or drive-by-drive game. The game is tailored to the solitaire gamer, plays in under an hour, and features individual players.

While those features are great, you may be thinking that they aren't necessarily unique. What sets Fast Action Football apart from other games is the Momentum Factor within the game, which makes it "feel" like the real life sport. The Momentum Factor isn't a gimmick, and it's not over stated. It is perfectly implemented to replicate the momentum shifts within the game that you see in real life on the gridiron.

I can't state it enough, this game "FEELS" like football. You see the stingy defenses, and the defenses that may flex but not break, once the ball is in the Red Zone. You see the fleet-footed quarterbacks turn would be sacks into 20 yard gains. You see the accuracy of a Tom Brady, and the great receiving of Jerry Rice.

From a gaming point of view, Fast Action Football is the ultimate in portability. To play, you only need the Fast Action Deck, two team sheets, a score sheet and a pencil. The game has an extremely small footprint, which makes it ideal for limited table space or for tucking away when on a trip.

Another great feature for the college games is that Strength of Schedule is built into the ratings.  There are no external adjustments to make and no complicated math calculations...You simply pick two teams and play the game.

Fast Action Football is like a good book that you just can’t put down. You find yourself saying, one more game and quickly discover it is 3 AM.

This game is the real deal! Order a copy today.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 17 November, 2011.

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