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** To play TV Pro Wrestling 2, you will need to purchase the Game Parts and at least one Yearbook. Or you can purchase the Deluxe Version which includes the Monday, Thursday, and Friday Night Year Books and the game parts **

The difference between the original TV Pro and the new version, is the difference from black and white TV to color television.

So what is different you ask?

*More Moves
*More finishers
*More wrestler types
*Better Tag-Team implementation
*More signature moves
*More story lines
*Submission moves for every wrestler
*And many, many more changes

T.V. Pro Wrestling is the creation of Jeffrey "Bruiser" Costa and was sold in wrestling arenas during the 70’s and 80’s. Almost 2 years ago, Jeff sent the game to me in its original form, along with some pages of handwritten notes and asked if I would consider updating the game. I couldn’t resist, as for one, I’m a sucker for a wrestling game of any type. And another, I really liked the simplicity and wrestler interaction in the original game.

I felt like T.V. Pro Wrestling could fill the void of the wrestling gamer that wanted a hold-by-hold game, but didn’t want to read through 20 pages of extensive rules, and have matches take 30 minutes or more to resolve. I also wanted to build upon the most popular elements of my own wrestling games, which is storyline generation. And While Vintage Pro Wrestling and Ultra Quick Wrestling are great in what they are designed to accomplish, they do leave a bit of a void as far as the actual in-ring action goes. For some gamers, this isn’t an issue. For others, this is a stumbling block they just can’t get past. I’ve looked for a solution since the release of both games that would please both camps of wrestling gamers.

The updated game is my attempt at such a solution. I believe that T.V. Pro Wrestling plays rapidly, has great wrestler interaction, and also has a means to drive storylines within your wrestling universe. I also think that the original engine, which I’ve tried to stay true to, is wonderful for both solitaire and multiple player gaming. With T.V. Pro Wrestling two player matches with each player guiding a wrestler is a blast! And it also plays great solitaire.

Finally, both Bruiser and I share the same philosophy when it comes to wrestling games. The games need to be simple enough to play and understand that children can enjoy them. While also maintaining the "realism" and exciting game play elements that keep veteran gamers coming back for more.

I think that we have succeeded on all counts. We hope that you agree!

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