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Ultra Quick Wrestling


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Imagine a Wrestling Game in which you can complete several full fledged wrestling cards in one sitting. Well, imagine no more, that’s exactly what you’ll get with Ultra Quick Wrestling!

With Ultra Quick Pro Wrestling, you’ll have an entire world of Professional Wrestling at your fingertips. The game not only resolves winners and losers of matches, but all of theatrical and bizarre story lines of Pro Wrestling will unfold before your very eyes.

Ultra Quick Pro Wrestling Comes with 84 wrestlers from the 1991 Season. I’m sure that many might wonder why 1991? What was so special about that year?

While on the surface, perhaps 1991is not remembered for any historical events in the annals of Pro Wrestling. However, upon closer examination, 1991 is a perfect year for a wrestling game. Firstly, wrestling was still considered kayfabe in 1991. (Meaning that rather than the “sports entertainment” of today, the wrestlers and promoters still tried to convince everyone that pro wrestling was not a staged event.)

There were also still many territories in 1991 that have long since disappeared in today’s market. These territories produced many local stars, and intriguing storylines on a regional basis. But, it also created many what-if scenarios in the minds of wrestling fans. Due to the territorial structure of the time period many dream match-ups never happened. (A prime Ric Flair vs. Prime Hulk Hogan match, for example.) In the context of a game, these match-ups, plus many more are possible.

And finally, 1991 was a year of great transition. Hulk Hogan dropped the Title to Ultimate Warrior. Opening the door for other stars to grab the limelight, like Randy Savage, the fore mentioned Warrior and Curt Hennig. Ric Flair, the long-time NWA Title Holder left his southern home and headed north to Stamford. Flair was bold enough to even throw the NWA title in the trash on National TV. This opened the door for wrestlers like Sting, Lex Luger, and Ricky Steamboat. All-in-all, 1991 was a wonderful year for emerging superstars and fairly open competition. And it is now the back drop for our game.

Not to worry though, if 1991 isn’t your favorite time period. If demand warrants, Downey Games will create many more seasons, as well as All-Time Great sets for your wrestling enjoyment.

Ultra Quick Wrestling covers all of the bases. The only limit to the possibilities is your own imagination!

  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • 9993 Units in Stock

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