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Time Travel Baseball Special Christmas Set


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The special Christmas set features the Santa Claus (Indiana) Spikes and the North Pole Nicks, as well as the most requested fictional basball team we've received.

The Spikes and Nicks are both real teams. The Nicks played in the Alaskan Summer League, which featured some of the Nation's best college athletes. The Spikes are a junior league team, so I have taken the liberty of stocking them with Holiday themed players. I did take a few liberties with the Nicks roster as well, and included some of their better opponents.

As for the fictional team, I'll give a very easy clue. They have a horrible starting pitcher, and their shortstop is also a flying ace.

The Rosters for each team are as follows:

Santa Claus, Indiana Spikes

Dasher Troy
Cupid Childs
Leonard Donner
Ken Rudolph
Steve Christmas
Rudolph York
Rob Deer
Minnie "Cuban Comet" Minoso
Gus "Silver" Bell
Rudolph Meoli
Marc Claus
Martin "Prancer" Prado
Footsie "Vixen" Blair
Ed Holly
J.T. Snow
Fred "Snow" Snodgrass
Jay "Sleigh" Bell
Rudolph May
Don Rusolph
Rolff Dancer
Joe "Blitzen" Benz
Edward Santa
Dick "North" Pole
Gene "Package" Packard
Heath "Jingle" Bell
"Frosty" Bill Duggleby
Dave Jolly

North Pole Nicks

Mark McGwire
Luis Gonzalez
Casey Candale
Mark Grace
Steve Finley
Char Kreuter
Todd Zeile
Jeff Weatherby
Andy Stankiewicz
Eric Karros
Corey Snyder
Barry Bonds
Dave Winfield
John Olerud
Jeff Kent
Jim Sundberg
Vance Law
Mike Schooler
Jeff Robinson
Colin Ward
Alex Sanchez
Bread Radke
Randy Johnson
Jeff Francis
Frank Viola
Dave Steib
Tom Seaver

For the initial offering of Time Travel Baseball, I wanted to present it in the form that Stanley Frohlich intended, and that is to offer several players of varying abilities. Your skill as a general manager in composing a team with a salary limit will ultimately be the deciding factor in winning and losing. In the near future we will offer full seasons. But, I wanted to pay tribute to Stanley with our initial offering.

That’s not to say that I haven’t implemented a few changes in the new game. For one, I’ve included Ball Park effects. This adds an additional element of strategy as you build your team. You’ll tailor your team’s hitters and pitchers to your stadium, just like the real life general managers. I have also introduced new ratings and have fine-tuned card creation formulas. You’ll also see catcher’s and outfielder’s throwing arms have a great deal more impact with the latest version of the game.
All-in-all I have meticulously strived to keep a balance between adding more modern elements to the game, while keeping everything that makes Time Travel Baseball unique. Most importantly, I have kept the game’s strengths which are speed of play and pure fun factor.

Below you'll find several samples from the game.

A Sample Ball Park Card:

A Sample Talent Card:

A Sample Error Card:

A Sample Pitcher Flash*Card:

A Sample Hitter's Flash*Card:

1979 Time Travel Brochure:

  • Shipping Weight: 0.25lbs
  • 1 Units in Stock

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