TV Pro Wrestling Best of the Indianapolis Territory

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This “set” covers the beginnings of the Territory when Dick the Bruiser and Wilbur Snyder took over, all the way to the sad conclusion of the territory in 1992 when it was “owned” by Scott Sharp and known as the AWA Indiana All-Stars.  I got to see the conclusion first-hand, in my brief stint in pro wrestling.

Many of the names will be very familiar to all.  However the ratings or moves may not be as you recall.  Bruiser ran a truly “Old School” promotion.  No wrestler currently in a program would have the same “specialty” moves.  So many wrestlers would have to use a different “finish” or “specialty” move while they were in the territory.  Up until the late 80’s Kayfabe was in full effect; Heels and Babyfaces were not to be seen together in public.

The booking style was very traditional.  TV Tapings featured many DQ’s and Time Limit draws.  The Armory shows oftentimes saw the Heels get the best of the Baby’s.  And the “Big Matches” at the Indianapolis Convention Center and later at the Tindall Armory would see the Baby prevail in the blow off.  Fueds would progress slowly in the territory and be allowed to follow a natural conclusion in most cases. The territory also featured a great deal of blood.  It wasn’t uncommon to see blood on TV and at the house shows.  Bruiser was also a bit ahead of his time in that the WWA matches in Indianapolis were generally much shorter in length than other promotions.  Which meant that there was fewer “rest holds” and a lot more mat action.

The territory had working agreements with Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Verne Gagne’s territory in Minneapolis.  This meant that you would see many of the top wrestlers in the world appear in Indianapolis.  This also allowed Bruiser to establish “Monster” Heels to work a program with and then bring in another after the blow off.  Bruiser was by far and away the biggest baby face in the promotion, until the late 80’s when Spike Huber, Stormy Granzig, and an aging Bobo Brazil would take the spot.

All-in-all, you really couldn’t find a more well-rounded territory during its prime.

The wrestlers in this set include:

Abdulah Farouk
Abdullah the Butcher
Abdullah the Great
Al Costello
Al Snow
Angelo Poffo
Argentina Rocca
Sailor Art Thomas
Sailor Art Thomas Jr.
Baron Von Raschke
Dr. Bill Miller
Billy Red Cloud
Blackjack Lanza
Blackjack Mulligan
"Cowboy" Bob Ellis
Bobby Bold Eagle
Bobby Colt
"Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan
Bobo Brazil
Boris Volkoff
Bruno Sammartino
Calypso Jim
Captain Willie
Chris Carter
Chris Markoff
Chuck O'Connor
Crusher Lisowski
David Novak
Denny Kass
The Destroyer
Dick the Bruiser
Dominic Denucci
Don Fargo
"Bulldog" Don Kent
Dr. Moto
Dream Machine
Ernie Ladd
Frank Dillinger
Gene Kiniski
George Cannon
Golden Lion
The Great Wojo
Hans Schmidt
"Handsome" Harley Race
Igor Volkoff
Ivan Koloff
J.R. Hogg
Jack Dillinger
Sgt. Jacques Goulet
Lord Humongous
Jerry Graham Jr.
Jerry Lawler
Jack Dillinger
Jimmy Valiant
Joe Tomasso
Johnny Novak
Johnny Powers
Johnny Valiant
Jos LeDuc
Karl Van Brauner
King Harley Hogg
King King Brody
King Kong Bundy
King Kong Bundy Jr.
Kurt Van Brauner
Lil Abner Osborne
Luis Martinez
Mad Maxx
Mark Manson
Masked Stranger
"Mad Dog" Vachon
"Irish" Mickey Doyle
Mighty Igor
Mike Kelly
Mitsu Arakawa
Mohammad Saad
Moose Cholak
Nicoli Volkoff
Ox Baker
Pat Kelly
Pat O'Connor
Paul Christy
Pepper Gomez
Polynesian Wildman
Prince Mama Mohammad
Prince Pullins
Rick McGraw
Roger "Rip" Kirby
Dick the Bruiser Jr.
Scott Rexsteiner (Young Scott Steiner. Yes this is how he spelled it in Indy)
Sheik Ali Hassan
Spike Huber
"Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal
Stormy "Big Gunz" Granzig
Super Maxx
The Professor
Wilbur Snyder
Zarinoff LeBeouf
The Sheik
Brute Bernard

The Tag Teams included Are:

Von Raschke and Ladd
The Bounty Hunters
Devil's Duo
Dick and Bruno
Dick and Spike
The Bruiser and Crusher
Dick and Bobo
Dick and Wilbur
The Kelly Twins
The Van Brauners
Arakawa and Moto
Motor City Hitmen
New York Dolls
The Volkoffs
Poffo and Volkoff
Ox and Chuck
Wilbur and Spike
The Valiant Brothers
The Blackjacks
The Kangaroos
The New Kangaroos
The Bundy's
The Internationals
The Legionnaires
The Legionnaires II
The Devil's Duo II
The Assassins
Ox and The Baron
New Generation
The Butchers
The Great Ones
The Texas Outlaws

Managers, Valets and Allies included are:

Abdullah Farouk
Al Costello
"Big" Jim Lancaster
"Crybaby" George Cannon
"Murderous" Mark Manson
Captain Willie
"Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan
"Gentleman" Saul Weingeroff
Baron Von Raschke
Dick the Bruiser
Ox Baker
Saul Creatchman

Referees included are:

Connie Marker
Johnny Shorn
Ralph Hamilton
Tom Hamilton

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