Momentum Football 1980 National E-Book


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Momentum Football

Complete game in about 15 minutes

Highlights and stats as in real game

Color coded team charts

(The Game Parts are required to use this Year Book)

Re-live the fun and excitement of the 1980 NFL Season with Momentum Football.

Momentum Football is truly unique in that it allows you to quickly play a full game in 15-20 minutes while yielding not only team stats, but also individual player stats. I know of no other game that accomplishes this.

With Momentum Football you'll be able to track the following team and individual stats:

Passing Attempts, Passing Completions, Total Passing yardage, Interceptions, Fumbles Lost, Sacks, Rushing Attempts, Rushing Yardage, and all scoring.

Momentum Football uses a drive-by-drive approach to resolve games. But, don’t let the simplicity fool you. Over 254 variables are used to create each team’s chart making them highly accurate for both team performance and individual player performance. And best of all, we’ve designed the game so that there is little to no set-up time involved. As you become comfortable with the rules, you’ll be able to grab two team sheets, a score sheet and four dice and begin play immediately. There aren’t extensive pre-game calculations to slow you down.

As I mentioned above, games are resolved drive-by-drive, rather than play-by-play. But, again, don’t let that fool you into thinking that individual contributions aren’t important. You’ll quickly see the impact of great rushers, passers and receivers on offense and pass rushers, cover men and big hitters on defense. So, while the game is resolved by drives, individual player contributions are the difference between winning and losing.

Don’t fret; special teams, penalties, turnovers, home field advantage, and a team’s momentum are all captured within the game. You’ll be amazed as you watch everything unfold on your tabletop just as it does in real life.

As the name of the game implies, capturing the momentum as it swings from one team to the other is a big part of the game. Our system is unique in that it doesn’t overly dominate the game mechanics nor is it over stated. However, just as in real life, a team’s momentum can mean all of the difference between winning and losing.

As a final note, since Momentum Football shares the drive-by-drive format with another of our games, Game Winning Drive Football, many may make the assumption that this is a sequel to that game. Truthfully, that’s not the case. We actually began work on this game prior to Game Winning Drive. The idea for Game Winning Drive actually came about as we were working on this game and having difficulty capturing individual players within the game’s mechanics. We knew we had a great team-based concept and that became Game Winning Drive.

So, those expecting Game Winning Drive with player stats will find that this is a completely different experience. We think that Momentum Football is the most unique game you’ll find in the marketplace today, and hope that you agree.



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