MPW-The Beginning

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This is a fictional set for Ultra Quick Wrestling. If demand is strong enough, I will update this series every few months.

After years of stagnation the landscape of professional wrestling changed. The single, dominant promotion folded as fans lost interest and stock prices plummeted. With no major promotions, wrestling went back to its roots, and several territories were established. And while some promotions made bad business decisions and had to fold along the way, the sport on the whole was seeing resurgence in popularity and fan support.

You have ventured into the world of professional wrestling promoting by establishing Midwest Professional Wrestling (MPW). The Midwestern territory spans parts of 7 states (Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and Michigan) and has some of the most rabid fans in all of professional wrestling. On paper everything looks perfect for a long, profitable career as a wrestling promoter.

However, as is often the case, what looks good on paper doesn’t always mesh with reality. Your roster of 68 wrestlers is balanced with big-name stars as well as promising rookies. However, unbeknownst to you, you may have stepped right into a hornet’s nest.

Before you established MPW, the territory was controlled by 3 family-run promotions which all failed for various reasons. The primary and underlying reason though, was the bitter hatred among the three families. These three families would raid, steal, and sabotage the other promotions in hopes of ridding themselves of the competition. Ultimately it killed all three promotions. And now, the main players from those three families, the Bowling Family, the Dowling Family, and the Neilson Family are among your roster of wrestlers.

And while none of the families have any outward resentment towards you, as they know you are their payday. It is up to you to keep them from destroying each other outside the confines of the squared circle. Can you make it work? Can you utilize the intense personal feuds within the promotion to draw money? The challenge is yours!

Midwest Professional Wrestling- The Beginning comes with 48 fictional male wrestlers, 2 special edition wrestlers, 18 fictional female wrestlers, and 6 managers.

**Note that Printed Versions will have B/W pictures on the wrestler's cards. **

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