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GridIron Wars Fast Action System and Advanced Game


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The Printed Version contains an Advanced Rule booklet, Advanced and Super Advanced Solitaire systems, and 216 die cut Fast Action Cards, printed in full-color.
The Basic game parts are required to use the advanced rules and Fast Action System.

The title is a bit misleading, as within the advanced game there are really three different gaming options: The first being a Fast Action Deck in which you can play as per normal or in conjunction with the advanced game or super advanced game modifications.  The second option is the advanced options which bring into play varying passing lengths and more defensive options.  The advanced game also includes an expanded solitaire system.  The final option is the super advanced game which brings into play six different defensive options and four different passing route options on offense.  The super advanced game also greatly expands on the solitaire system.

One of the most frustrating things about designing a game is nailing down the time required to play a complete game.  With GridIron Wars the time required has varied greatly among individual players.  During our testing rounds, the testers and I could easily complete a game with full stats in under an hour.  When the game was released publicly, there were many that played the game as the testers and I did.  However, there were also a large group of gamers that claimed the game would take well over an hour to play.  So, I immediately looked for a solution to bring game playing time to under an hour for all gamers.  The obvious answer was a set of Fast Action cards to drive play to eliminate dice rolls and chart looks ups.

While the answer may have been obvious, the implementation was extremely difficult.  The sheer volume of information contained on the charts did not easily transfer to a Fast Action Deck.  I tried no less than 30 different combinations for a Fast Action system, some which left various aspects of the game on the charts, and others that contained all of the information on the Fast Action Deck that varied in size.  None really received a consensus with my testing group as being ready for public consumption. 

Then Gary Pickering sent me a sample layout, which is largely what you see today as the official Fast Action System.   The only real change I made to Gary’s initial layout was to use both size of the card to bring the physical size of the card to a more manageable size.  I can’t thank Gary enough for his contribution to the Fast Action System.

The Fast Action System should allow even the slowest of players to greatly speed up their game playing time.  The Fast Action Deck contains a virtual "mini-chart" so you will not have to consult any additional charts, or roll dice.  All of the results are found on the FACs.

After playing time, the second largest request from customers was a method in which to throw passes of different lengths.  When I designed GridIron Wars, I knew this would be an issue for some folks, but I felt it was beyond the scope of the game.  Simplicity and ease of play were my primary concerns when designing the game.  I still to this day, feel as if I met my design goals, and I’m very pleased with how GridIron Wars has “turned out”.

Having said that, I also strive to address any and all concerns a gamer may have.  The use of the advanced game, as well as the super advanced game is completely optional.  The advanced and super advanced games are completely compatible with the Fast Action System as well as the chart and dice version of the game.  It should go without saying that the advanced and super advanced rule sets will add to the length of time required to play the game.

The advanced game brings into play four new pass routes for the offense.  Rather than simply calling for a “pass”, the offense will now choose from one of the following pass routes: Bomb, Long, Medium and Short.

In the advanced game, the defense still has three options: Run, Pass and Blitz. 


The super advanced version of the game brings into play 4 passing routes for the offense and six different defensive selections.  As with the advanced game, rather than simply calling for a “pass”, the offense will now choose from one of the following pass routes: Bomb, Long, Medium and Short.

On the defensive side of the ball, the choices are: Prevent, Zone, Man-to-Man, Bump and Run, Blitz and Run.

I hope that the addition of the Fast Action System and the Advanced and Super Advanced modifications will add to your enjoyment of GridIron Wars.



  • Shipping Weight: 0.75lbs
  • 9965 Units in Stock

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