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Game Winning Drive 1979 Classic Canadian E-Book


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The Classic Canadian version of the game keeps all of the elements of Game Winning Drive that you've come to know and love. However, we've added a slight wrinkle to the classic version that replicates each team's ability to play with a lead, or play from behind to further increase the realism of the Canadian game.

Game Winning Drive Football is a quick play Football game designed by Rick Kucz and Philippe Riviere. This edition contains the 1979 Classic Canadian Football season. Everything you need to play, other than six-sided dice is included in the E-Book. Game Winning Drive uses no external charts or FACs.

I am very proud of all my football offerings at Downey Games. But, this may be the single most addictive football game I've ever played.

Game Winning Drive Football allows you to quickly play a game between two teams while capturing the entire ebb and flow of Canadian football. With Game Winning Drive, you’ll be able to “see” teams grind it out on the ground, or throw all over the field for scores. The defensive side of the football is not neglected in Game Winning Drive, as you’ll “see” great defenses in action, and directly impact the game.

As in real football, special teams play and turnovers have an impact in Game Winning Drive Football. You’ll “see” the impact of a short field for the opposing team after an interception or fumble. The dangerous Kick Returner’s and Punt Returner’s are a factor in Game Winning Drive. The kicking game which is such a key element in Canadian Football.

No other quick-play game covers all of the elements of football like Game Winning Drive.

While other quick-play games give you a final result, Game Winning Drive tells the “story” of the game. You’ll know precisely why a team wins or loses a contest. Also, unlike other quick playing games, Game Winning Drive adds many strategy elements to add to the realism and excitement of the game.

Do you go for it on 3rd down? Do you go for the 2 pt conversion for the win, or kick the PAT for a tie? Do you try for an onside kick, or hope that your defense can shut down the offense for one final drive? With Game Winning Drive, the decisions are yours. There isn’t another quick-playing football game in the market that allows your coaching decisions to impact the game.

While your decisions may impact the game, your players on the field will ultimately determine the success of your team over the course of a season. Game Winning Drive Football factors each team’s offensive and defensive strengths and weaknesses. Each team is rated for scoring, Rushing, Passing, Kicking, Punting, Fumbles and Interceptions on the offensive side. On the defensive side of the ball, each team is rated for Overall Defense, Defensive Strength, 3rd Down Defense, Fumble recoveries, and Interceptions.

Rick, Phil, and I think you’ll find Game Winning Drive to be the most comprehensive quick-play football game on the market.

  • 100000 Units in Stock

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