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HardBall Wars Fast Action System


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** The Hardball Wars Game Parts are required to use the Fast Action System**

(Note to E-Book purchasers- As with the GridIron Wars Fast Action offering I recommend purchasing the printed version over the e-book version.   The FACs in the E-Book contain large grey borders in order to accommodate as many different printer configurations as possible.  Since the FACs are designed to be printed on both sides, this was the best compromise I could offer.  Even with a standardized format like Acrobat, what works on one series of printers often times won’t work on others.  The FACs contained in the E-book should print front and back with few issues.  They aren’t as pretty as the printed, die-cut FACs, but they should be functional.  If after trying you find that your printer does not “match-up” with dual sided FACs, the least preferable option would be to print separate FAC decks which is also manageable, or order the printed FAC deck.)

The Hardball Wars Fast Action system allows you to play the game with no external chart look ups and no dice rolls.  Every  action is contained within the Fast Action Cards!

The Fast Action System contains 180 double-sided, die-cut Fast Action Cards printed in vivid full color, a rule booklet explaining the system and a quick reference key that details every possible result and symbol contained within the Fast Action System.

Everything is laid out in a clear and concise manner.  If you have a good grasp of the Hardball Wars rules you'll find the system very intuitive and simple to use.  The Fast Action System should cut your game play time in half, if not more!

I'd like to thank Ray Surdel for his help in designing the Fast Action Cards.

With HardBall Wars, the decisions as a manager are all yours. You decide when to steal bases. You decide when to Hit and Run or Sacrifice the runner to the next base. You'll make the call when to intentionally walk the opposition’s slugger, or when to bring the infield in to cut down a runner at the plate. You'll make the call as when to attempt a squeeze bunt or play for the big inning. You'll make the call to bring in the lefty specialist to face the opposing left hand slugger, or stick with your right hand throwing starter. With HardBall Wars, you may even be ejected from the game! Nearly every situation that faces a major league skipper is replicated in the game.

Get in the dugout and order the HardBall Wars Fast Action System today!

  • 100000 Units in Stock

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