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Championship Drag Racing: 2011 Top Fuel Edition


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**This is the E-Book Version**

Everything needed to play, other than two ten-sided dice is included!

For years I’ve tried to create a realistic and playable drag racing simulation without much success. When I first attempted a game design based upon the sport, elapsed times were still in the 5 second bracket and the record speed was still below 300 miles per hour. In 2005, Tony Schumacher set a record E.T. of 4.437 seconds and a top speed of over 337 miles per hour. So, as you can see, I’ve been at this design for quite sometime. Heck, well before there was even a thought of Downey Games.

One of the challenges of capturing drag racing on the tabletop is the side-by-side racing, and the sheer speed and quickness of the sport. In other tabletop games I’ve been able to create a game that plays MUCH faster on the tabletop than in reality. With drag racing, this certainly isn’t possible. And replicating the simultaneous on-track action, in which the winner and loser are sometimes separated by thousandths of a second is a much greater challenge then one would think.

After years of trying, I’ve finally arrived at a final product in which I’m extremely happy, and I think captures the sport as best as possible. And while rolling a game of Championship Drag Racing will take a bit longer than a 4.5 second Elapsed Time, I really think the flow of the game is done very well. The average gamer should easily be able to knock out an event in a single sitting while experiencing all of the drama and excitement of a real-life drag racing event.

Anything that can happen in a real life drag racing event; can and will happen with the same frequency in Championship Drag Racing. Drivers will red-light, have tremendous reaction times, blow up their engines, and even crash with the same frequency as the year represented. And as with any replay game that is worth its salt there are allowances made within the confines of realistic frequency for ANYTHING to truly happen.

In general, your results will be very close to the on-the-track action of the season represented. However, keep in mind, that this game simulates hundreds of variables that can occur in any race. As with any sport, sometimes pure luck can be the deciding factor. That’s no exception with Championship Drag Racing. On the whole, you’ll experience very realistic results. But, within the confines of a single qualifying run or elimination race, anything can truly happen!

Championship Drag Racing: Top Fuel Edition gives you every Top Fuel Racer that made a successful qualifying attempt in 2010. You also get all tracks rated by lane making the lane choice strategy just as important as real life. A full schedule, and complete points standings are included.

Can you set a new Elapsed Time Record, or a new Top Speed Record? Order today and find out!

  • 10001 Units in Stock

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