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Some may ask, “Why an Expansion Set”? I borrowed the idea from Time Travel Baseball, and thought it would translate well
for TV Pro Wrestling. This isn’t to say that I will abandon the yearly or organizational approach that I used in the
original TV Pro Wrestling. This is just a supplemental way to introduce new wrestlers.

This approach also allows me to keep the pricing low, which I feel is important in today’s economy. The sting of a $9.95
(E-BOOK) purchase is less than that of a $15 or $20 purchase. I truly want to make sure you get the maximum value and
enjoyment for your gaming dollar.

The expansion sets also give me a bit of freedom in creating new additions to the game. The concept, while a loose one,
is that of a “what if” roster for your game. The selections in each expansion set will have a “theme”, but also some
surprises that you wouldn’t expect to see within the framework of the “theme”. You can use the wrestlers with other sets
or however you like. But, in my twisted brain, each set is a bit of a fantasy federation in itself.

The wrestler selection in this set is identical to the TV Pro Wrestling 2 offering.
The Wrestlers and Tag Teams in this set are:

Verne Gagne
Nick Bockwinkle
Dick the Bruiser
The Crusher
"Pistol" Pez Whatley
"Rock and Roll" Buck Zunhofe
Nikolai Volkoff
Nikita Koloff
Ivan Koloff
Boris Zhukov
Soldat Ustinov
Krusher Khruschev
"Mr. USA" Tony Atlas
Mr. America
Kurt Angle
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
Mil Mascaras
Captain USA
The Destroyer
Mr. Olympia
The Patriot
Iron Sheik
The Pink Assassin
Lou Thesz
"Sodbuster" Kenny Jay
Barry O
"Iron" Mike Sharpe
Brooklyn Brawler
S.D. Jones
The Fabulous Freebirds (Garvin and Hayes version by request)
Bruiser and Crusher
The Russians
Sheik and Volkoff
The Soviet Connection
The Allied Powers
The Basham Brothers
The Blackbirds
The Bolsheviks
The Boston Wrecking Crew
The Chain Gang
The Bushwhackers

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