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When Brusier Costa sold the Original TV Pro Wrestling in arenas, the game had ratings for 20 fictional wrestlers and 40 wrestlers of the time period.  We thought it would be a nice tribute to the game to bring all of those original ratings to the current game.  We also added 12 tag team cards from the original ratings.  The final result is a fantastic set for TV Pro Wrestling.  The set is loaded with stars from the 1970's and 1980's, as well as a very colorful roster of fictional wrestlers.

The stars included in the Tribute Set are:

Bruiser Coaster
Dean Who
J.T. Station
Fat Lady
Dave Bold
Rocky Lasagne
Joey Parton
Max Trucker
Mooncat Morelli
Ruby Timothy Weeds
Butcher Cruise
Butch "The Mackrel"
Al Tigro
Jerry Borrow
Igor Ripoff
Oly Molson
Bobby Blass
Slick Davis
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Red Boloney
Hulk Hogan
Ric Flair
Nick Bockwinkle
Andre the Giant
Antonio Inoki
Rick Martel
Randy Savage
Nikita Koloff
Larry Zbyszko
Hacksaw Duggan
One Man Gang
Jimmy Snuka
Big John Studd
King Kong Bundy
Carlos Colon
Bob Backlund
Harley Race
Dusty Rhodes
Rick Steamboat
Roddy Piper
Junkyard Dog
Dynamite Kid
Davey Boy Smith
Ricky Morton
Robert Gibson
Buddy Rose
Doug Somers
Terry Taylor
Bobby Fulton
Tommy Rogers
Terry Gordy
Michael P.S. Hayes
Buddy Roberts
The Missing Link
Jake Roberts
Barry Windham
Ron Garvin
Ivan Koloff

Tag Team Cards included in the set are:

The Road Warriors
The Russians
Studd and Bundy
The British Bulldogs
The Fantastics
The Rock and Roll Express
Rose and Sommers
Jake and Buddy Roberts
The Fabulous Freebirds (All 3 versions)
Brusier and Butcher


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