2024 Player of the Game NCAA Year Book


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***This is the E-Book version***

***Player of the Game Parts are required to play the game***

Our College Year Book features every player to score a point in 2023-24 season at the Division I level. That's right, you read correctly, every player and every Division I team is rated in this year book.

Our College Year Book features a unique Strength of Schedule system, a realistic Home Court Advantage system, as well as individual Pace factors for each team. Play out this year's tournament in a quick fashion with individual statistics! No other imitator can match the speed of play, accuracy or number of current teams rated.

Player of the Game Basketball is designed to provide you with a quick method of resolving a basketball game between any two teams. Where this game is truly unique is in its ability to not only provide you with a final score, but it will also give you individual point, rebound and assist totals for each player that participates in the game.

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