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FAS Football is designed primarily for the solitaire gamer to quickly play out a game while maintaining full statistics in a highly realistic manner. To that end, FAS Football requires only the FAC deck and a team rating sheet for each team. There are no external charts to consult, nor any dice rolls to bog things down. FAS Football is however, not a quick play game. Each play of the game from passing plays, rushing plays and special teams is resolved fully from the team rating sheets and the FAC deck giving you a full statistical recap of the game played. In addition to every play being resolved, every position on the field is important in FAS Football. Offensive lineman, defensive backs, linebackers and even the punter for each team are accurately represented and can have an impact on the game, just as in real-life.

Now that I’ve described just exactly what FAS is, let me describe what it is not.

FAS Football is not a coaching simulation. In order to achieve the objective of a fast playing game tailored to the solitaire gamer, play calling is streamlined. This is not the game for would-be Lombardi’s who want to outwit their opponent. That isn’t to say that your coaching can’t make a difference, as it can. But, the game was designed to accurately simulate each team’s strength’s and weaknesses on the whole, not as a game in which your coaching can manipulate the outcomes.

Where FAS shines as a solitaire game is in its unique system which will allow a gamer to rapidly play out a game with the game engine showing exactly why teams win and lose during the season. For the solitaire gamer, this game will provide you with hours and hours of enjoyment. You have the option of calling plays and ball handlers for one team, both teams, or you can use the game engine to simply watch the action unfold. Anything that can happen in a real-life college football game will happen with the same frequency in FAS Football with uncanny accuracy. We have thoroughly tested the game engine and fully stand behind its accuracy. Teams not only perform in the game as they did in real-life, but individual statistics are also spot-on.

A full play-by-play football game that plays in 30-40 minutes has been the dream of many tabletop gamers. And now with FAS Football, that dream is finally a reality.

FAS College Football comes with team rating sheets for all 119 Division 1A teams from 2005, a die cut Fast Action Deck, complete Rules, and score sheets.

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