UQ Football All-Time College 1960's Decade

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Replay every season from the 1960's. All major colleges are rated for each season from 1960 through 1969. Complete results and schedules are also included for each season.

One of the challenges with a quick play college football game has always been normalization for cross-era play. Other games do a decent job of generating scores within a particular season, but often times “fall down” when playing teams from other seasons.

The game of football has changed dramatically over the years with specialization, more wide-open offensive schemes, and several rule changes to benefit the offense. As a result, scoring has increased through the years. Scoring was even more dramatically impacted in recent years with the addition of the overtime rules.

With the All-Time College version of Ultra Quick Football, I believe I have created a game which removes any seasonal or rules bias for cross-era play. From a strictly mathematical stand point, I think the ratings and engine employed are as "realistic" as one can expect for a quick playing football game.

One can debate the effects of today’s larger athletes dominating athletes of years past. But, that’s not really the scope of this game. The premise for All-Time NCAA Ultra Quick Football is that all things being equal, we can determine the best college football team of all-time, or for a particular decade.

As with our entire Ultra Quick lineup, individual games play in seconds. With Ultra Quick Football, you can easily play out a team's entire season in one sitting. You can play an entire league in hours, rather than days, weeks, months or years like other games.

In ultra Quick Football, all teams are rated for Offensive Ability, Defensive Ability, Home Field Advantage, Strength of Schedule, and unique normalization ratings so you can accurately match up any two teams from any era!

Everything needed to play, with the exception of two 10-sided dice is included in the package.

Get on the field today with Ultra Quick Football!

To print out the entire decade of ratings and schedules will require 138 pages

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